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Model Muse Search

Friday, September 13th, 2013

I’m in search for a Model Muse once again, and as always it may take quite some time until I finally find one.

Why? Because to me, finding a Muse in a way is no different than finding that genuinely special someone based on friendship and trust. Also a partner in crime if you will.

One who’s willing to stick by your side through thick and thin.
One who has an open-mind that’s non-judgemental while being somewhat forgiving.
One who knows no boundaries and is not afraid to be spontaneous all while being laid back enough to let nature take it’s course.
And last but not least…
One who can be themselves while allowing you to be you.

May it be big or little, an Artist can often undergo many transitions within their career path. It’s in our very nature that we constantly seek to create something that is fresh and exciting. Yet, at times we find ourselves frustrated and hopelessly “stuck” in our old ways often due to how society labels us. We become increasingly afraid to take bigger risks and bolder moves as we’re slowly cornered into the same ol’ repetitive monotony.  Which… is why you’ll see us revisiting our roots to hone our skills time to time, rediscovering ourselves and rebuilding from there.

A Muse in such cases become extremely vital to our creative growth. They are much more than just a pretty face… they are the very definition of what a Muse is supposed to be: Someone who inspires.

And to me, this differs for each and every person. No Muse is ever the same.

May it be someone who can stimulate the mind or someone who can emotionally captivate you through their expression… Whatever quality they may possess, I draw no line between a rookie and a pro.

I could care less about the status or how many followers one may have. If one has the  qualities I mentioned above, the “spark” that I’m looking for and the passion to make Art happen: I’m game.

Chanel – “The Fabulous Life”

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Chanel is simply put, wonderful & wonderful to work with. Her beauty, humility, professionalism, and her dedication to talent is definitely something worth seeking out for. Check her pages on Model Mayhem!

Chanel’s Modeling & Makeup Artist Pages:
Chanel’s ModelMayhem Model Page
Chanel’s ModelMayhem Makeup Artist Page

Canz 2011 Calendar

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

This past Fall I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Canz girls on their very first calendar. Instead of doing the usual Bikini / Lingerie Glamour type shoot that most Calendars do… I suggested we’d do something a little rugged, sexy and fun!  So we shot outdoors in a Junkyard as well as the interior of the Canz A City Roadhouse, Astoria branch.

The results… Kick Ass!

The girls and the team did a phenomenal job strutting their Canz attitude to a very successful 2011 start!

Canz A City Road House is a Restaurant & Sports Bar filled with beautiful lively girls currently located in New York – Astoria Queens, Westbury Long Island, and the soon to be open Patchogue branch.

I have to say from my own experience eating there, the food is amazingly great! My personal favorites are the Roast Beef Dipp, the New York Choice Strip Steak and the deserts such as the Fried Oreos and Apple Crumb Cake… are to DIE FOR!  You really gotta try them all out! No joke!

Overall, whenever I am there, they are usually packed with lively Sports fanatics watching the Monday games having a grand ol’ time.  Definitely worth checking out! ;)

Canz a City Road House Calendar 2011 – www.canzusa.com