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Porcelain – “Nine Tails”

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Every once in a while there comes a Model who just kicks up your creative senses… after a long slumber. Porcelain is definitely that model. Spent some good time shooting till 7 am in the morning just going with the flow at my studio. Showing right now is one of the many which I had a hard time choosing from.

Look forward to the rest. ;)

Porcelain’s Website & MM Port:
Porcelain’s ModelMayhem Page

Chanel – “The Fabulous Life”

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Chanel is simply put, wonderful & wonderful to work with. Her beauty, humility, professionalism, and her dedication to talent is definitely something worth seeking out for. Check her pages on Model Mayhem!

Chanel’s Modeling & Makeup Artist Pages:
Chanel’s ModelMayhem Model Page
Chanel’s ModelMayhem Makeup Artist Page

Canz 2011 Calendar

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

This past Fall I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Canz girls on their very first calendar. Instead of doing the usual Bikini / Lingerie Glamour type shoot that most Calendars do… I suggested we’d do something a little rugged, sexy and fun!  So we shot outdoors in a Junkyard as well as the interior of the Canz A City Roadhouse, Astoria branch.

The results… Kick Ass!

The girls and the team did a phenomenal job strutting their Canz attitude to a very successful 2011 start!

Canz A City Road House is a Restaurant & Sports Bar filled with beautiful lively girls currently located in New York – Astoria Queens, Westbury Long Island, and the soon to be open Patchogue branch.

I have to say from my own experience eating there, the food is amazingly great! My personal favorites are the Roast Beef Dipp, the New York Choice Strip Steak and the deserts such as the Fried Oreos and Apple Crumb Cake… are to DIE FOR!  You really gotta try them all out! No joke!

Overall, whenever I am there, they are usually packed with lively Sports fanatics watching the Monday games having a grand ol’ time.  Definitely worth checking out! ;)

Canz a City Road House Calendar 2011 – www.canzusa.com

“The 6th Symbol of Growth”

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Every year or so, I pick and choose a “Symbol” to wear around my neck to express the various stages of my Photography life.

In the beginning I had a Knife like sharp pendant to express that I was “Cutting open a path” to possibilities in the Photography industry.

Next was a Clam Shell like pendant symbolizing “Open growth and prosperity”.

After that was a Feather like pendant symbolizing “Flight to new heights… in full speed.”

Then came a neck piece without a pendant made of strings and beads symbolizing “Formation of a Style”. But later on realized that this style was what was also binding me down.

The next one after was a pendant of a ferocious looking wolf on a cross. Although I’m not in any particular religion, it symbolized “Ambition & Faith” in one self.

This 2011 I’ve decided to wear the perfect neck piece that my sister had given me for Christmas. Although she may not realize how much this meant to me, but this particular piece symbolized many different things in one.

The chain & thread binding symbolized “Bond & Unity” of those who stuck by me through thick and thin. Simultaneously it expresses my strong will to be kind to others to those I have threads with.

The pendant as you can see in the picture above resembles a tree branch like cross. To me this is a personal symbol of “Growth & Faith” as well as “Positive Unity” and “Family Bond”.

It was rather ironic that this neck piece was brought upon me just when I was about to outgrow the negativity around me…. and branch out to positive new forces….  while staying rooted to those that stood by me all these years.

This 2011…

I will be more aware and appreciate those around me,

I will grow further,

I will reach out to new heights,

I will be more grounded in my determination,

and most of all… I will not fail myself, and those who I love.

Happy New Year everyone! May this 2011 bring many joys & prosperity in your own personal “Symbol”.  :)