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Model Muse Search

Friday, September 13th, 2013

I’m in search for a Model Muse once again, and as always it may take quite some time until I finally find one.

Why? Because to me, finding a Muse in a way is no different than finding that genuinely special someone based on friendship and trust. Also a partner in crime if you will.

One who’s willing to stick by your side through thick and thin.
One who has an open-mind that’s non-judgemental while being somewhat forgiving.
One who knows no boundaries and is not afraid to be spontaneous all while being laid back enough to let nature take it’s course.
And last but not least…
One who can be themselves while allowing you to be you.

May it be big or little, an Artist can often undergo many transitions within their career path. It’s in our very nature that we constantly seek to create something that is fresh and exciting. Yet, at times we find ourselves frustrated and hopelessly “stuck” in our old ways often due to how society labels us. We become increasingly afraid to take bigger risks and bolder moves as we’re slowly cornered into the same ol’ repetitive monotony.  Which… is why you’ll see us revisiting our roots to hone our skills time to time, rediscovering ourselves and rebuilding from there.

A Muse in such cases become extremely vital to our creative growth. They are much more than just a pretty face… they are the very definition of what a Muse is supposed to be: Someone who inspires.

And to me, this differs for each and every person. No Muse is ever the same.

May it be someone who can stimulate the mind or someone who can emotionally captivate you through their expression… Whatever quality they may possess, I draw no line between a rookie and a pro.

I could care less about the status or how many followers one may have. If one has the  qualities I mentioned above, the “spark” that I’m looking for and the passion to make Art happen: I’m game.

Hashi – “Stop Motion”

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

As far as I remember, Hashi has always been around in my life since the day I was born.  He’s an internationally acclaimed photographer who’s been a family friend of ours for generations and quite possibly one of the biggest inspirations of my creative life.

Growing up I remember my father used to take me to Hashi’s studio where I’d find him shooting a lot of published product shots for beverage & liquor campaigns. And most of it involved his specialized stop motion photography with props & gadgetry that were beyond my comprehension. Needless to say I was intrigued but simultaneously intimidated by the precision and artistry that went in to his work.

Present day, I had the opportunity to meet up with Hashi again while he was in New York.  He was very encouraging and supportive of my work and decided it would be a fun idea to have me do a photo shoot with him.

This particular piece “Stop Motion” is a personal tribute to Hashi and what he represents to me. The large buildings in stop motion represent his scale of greatness that transcends through time. The sadness in his expression and the way he is facing away from all of what’s going on behind him expresses that every moment & opportunity should not go wasted.  These were of course inspired by one of the many wise words coming from Hashi.

Thank you Hashi. You are a true inspiration to me personally and professionally.

To check out Hashi’s work you can go to the link below. :)


“The 6th Symbol of Growth”

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Every year or so, I pick and choose a “Symbol” to wear around my neck to express the various stages of my Photography life.

In the beginning I had a Knife like sharp pendant to express that I was “Cutting open a path” to possibilities in the Photography industry.

Next was a Clam Shell like pendant symbolizing “Open growth and prosperity”.

After that was a Feather like pendant symbolizing “Flight to new heights… in full speed.”

Then came a neck piece without a pendant made of strings and beads symbolizing “Formation of a Style”. But later on realized that this style was what was also binding me down.

The next one after was a pendant of a ferocious looking wolf on a cross. Although I’m not in any particular religion, it symbolized “Ambition & Faith” in one self.

This 2011 I’ve decided to wear the perfect neck piece that my sister had given me for Christmas. Although she may not realize how much this meant to me, but this particular piece symbolized many different things in one.

The chain & thread binding symbolized “Bond & Unity” of those who stuck by me through thick and thin. Simultaneously it expresses my strong will to be kind to others to those I have threads with.

The pendant as you can see in the picture above resembles a tree branch like cross. To me this is a personal symbol of “Growth & Faith” as well as “Positive Unity” and “Family Bond”.

It was rather ironic that this neck piece was brought upon me just when I was about to outgrow the negativity around me…. and branch out to positive new forces….  while staying rooted to those that stood by me all these years.

This 2011…

I will be more aware and appreciate those around me,

I will grow further,

I will reach out to new heights,

I will be more grounded in my determination,

and most of all… I will not fail myself, and those who I love.

Happy New Year everyone! May this 2011 bring many joys & prosperity in your own personal “Symbol”.  :)

“Big Guns & Pink Bubble Gum”

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Before Anime hit mainstream… Before I became a Photographer… I was once long ago a Manga / Anime Artist. (Among many things)

In fact, it was a childhood dream of mine to become a Manga Artist, so I actually went to school as a Cartoon Major at the School of Visual Arts in New York.   At the time I was considered rather “different” since most of my peers were focused on drawing spandex super heroes while I drew anime girls with big guns and pink bubble gum.

However… I remember struggling… struggling for acceptance while simultaneously trying to be different.

Being an American born Japanese Artist, I remember there were times where I seemed “Foreign” in the eyes of both the Americans and the Japanese. Of course, there was a lot of prejudice not only towards my culture… but towards my artwork as well.

“Why is it that you draw people with outrageously disproportionate eyes with pink colored hair?” was the common question.

It was rather funny to me at the time since Anime & Manga’s roots came from the great Osamu Tezuka (best known for “Astro Boy”) and his influences came from America’s own… Disney!  Oh the irony! Those big eyes that Donald Duck had went to Japan and back!

I eventually struggled some more however… I was tired of being “labeled” so I finally developed a Cross-Cultural breed style of drawing tag naming  myself “Moon”.  The style was inspired heavily by a mixture of Anime, Graffiti, the Comic Tin Tin, and the classic Art Deco style of Alphonse Mucha.

Most of my 1990′s to the early 2000′s I continued with this style, while having an alternate persona named “FrizzyCube”.  FrizzyCube was originally an AOL screenname I made for shits and giggles… but eventually became my tag name for the Anime style I started out with. I guess in some ways… my love for this type of art could never leave me.

Professionally… I was torn between the two styles. I loved them both but was a struggle and a half to maintaining them simultaneously.

So what happened to that career? What happened to those two styles?

Well… I got involved in a start-up company (which I will leave nameless)… leading the creative department…  investing “all” my artwork & designs; my everything.  To me it was my biggest
chance of making it out there again…  the way I want it, whenever I want it.

Despite the positive results in publishing some books and such… alas… not only was I taken for granted but my work was legally taken advantage… eventually forcing me to leave the company with empty hands.

I felt robbed of my dreams… the blood sweat and tears that went in to it… all gone… in an instant.  Those empty hands could no longer hold a pen.

But little did I realize later… those hands were not entirely empty. So long as I had my creativity, and the ability to make things happen…
it didn’t have to be a pen to create characters… emotions… or stories. I had my Camera.

Ironically… my first camera was a borrowed one from the start-up company itself when I was shooting product shots.  That eventually lead to shooting people of course…

And so… FrizzyCube lives today… perhaps not with those Big googly anime eyes but being “Animated” with ideas and dreams. Hells to the F*cking YEAH!!!

The moral of the story… never hand over your dreams to anybody or else the dream is not yours anymore. And the other moral of the story… there’s always a second chance; just never stop believing in yourself!

“Hot Diggity Dog!”

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Tis’ the season for Hot Dogs & BBQ’s! Fourth of July is here!

And it’s looking good so far already! Got my website revamped just in time as we’re ready to grill it & roll it out on our plates this Summer!

What can I say? Things have been very good lately; been extremely busy for a while now. Have been cutting out the unnecessary “Negative Fat” while keeping the “Postive Juices” flowin’!

I here by celebrate my Independence Day with a Big Bang! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July of 2010!

Cheers! :D