Neil Nakahara a.k.a. "FrizzyCube"

"My Weapon of Choice is the Imagination Before the Camera"

The hunger for imagination and creative growth overrules any outstanding pressure for Neil Nakahara a.k.a. FrizzyCube. The oragin for his alias "FrizzyCube" was derived from two totally off-beat words in to one flavorful concoction, much like his photographic work.

Known for his mixed media of Photography & Digital Arts, FrizzyCube aims to consistantly challenge himself and the world with new "Ideas & Vision".

Born on the 9th of June, 1973 in Honolulu Hawaii, raised in Queens New York. Earlier signs of his creativity shows in his love for drawing Anime & Cartoons.

He eventually proceeded to attending the School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology in the early 90's. Ironically, he wasn't a Photography Major but a Cartooning & Illustration Major.

However his hunger for creativity did not end there. He then got in to Graphic Design as well as Video Game Design (in Japan) eventually becoming a Jack of All Trades... accomplishing becoming an Art Director, a Video Game Designer for the Sony Playstation to Illustrating & Publishing children's books.

But there was something missing... "Photography".

During his High School Years at Cardozo H.S. he remembers being heavily influenced by a fellow student; A young photogapher by the name of Michael Parmelee. His creative Photography simply blew him away almost to a point where he had considered putting aside his life long dream as an Artist for Photography.

Much later... after accomplishing many of his dreams... he had only one final mission: To bring every single experience & ideas and putting them in to his love of Photography.

So he picked up the Camera... and the rest... is history....











Photo Credit: By Ray Thomas

+ Chilled Magazine - Official Photographer
+ FHM Magazine
+ Maxim Magazine
+ Hawaiian Tropic Zone 2008 Calendar
+ DJ Times Magazine Cover - Jonathan Peters
+ DJ Magazine Cover - Jonathan Peters
+ Obama Girl - Promotional

Commercial / Product:
+ NYClique Dancers
+ Supreme-Machinery Cars
+ LTB Wireless Headphones
+ Capristan Swimwear
+ Zum Zum Prom Dresses


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